Saturday, 21 October 2017

The Natural Path

I have a phase in my beauty routine where I just obsess over skincare products. I buy expensive stuff and apply them constantly on my face, morning & night. But after a few days I get lazy and never look at those products again. A waste of my money, time & effort also my poor skin goes through different chemicals and often feels confused. In this post, I am going back to basics with Safi. I remember growing up as a teenager my mom & me would often argue about one thing and that is - Safi. Every night before sleeping at 10pm sharp she would call me in the kitchen, tell me to shut my eyes and open my mouth and make me drink Safi. I have had a love - hate relationship with it. It was bitter in taste but worked wonders. I drank this every day from the age 13-16. And hands down it is safe to say I never got teenage acne. Now as an adult I have incorporated Safi back in my skincare routine. With the constant weather change and oily skin, I have been getting small zits on my cheeks which irritate me and are sometimes painful. My skin is super sensitive so I have to be careful at all times. Especially when I eat junk food my skin instantly reacts and does not like it. 

I have realized skincare comes from within. How you look from the outside has a lot to do with what goes inside you. I tried Safi’s 3 weeks regime; I drank it every day for around 20-25 days and saw the difference it made to my skin. Of course the zits were gone in the first 3 days but moreover, my skin feels so soft and is glowing endlessly. Even though it has been more than 3 weeks, I am still sticking to the miracle worker.
Safi is made up 28 essential herbs which not only helps your skin feel good but also in general is very good for overall health. We remember Safi by the trusted company of Hamdard from the good old teenage days. Their packaging now is completely revamped and the exact herbs are mentioned with the benefits. Priced at only INR 95/- Safi is any day better than the expensive skincare products I have bought in the past.
If you are anything like me who has tried and tested different methods of achieving your dream skin but have failed, I personally encourage you to try out Hamdarad Safi and see the difference yourself! 
Thank me later
Ragon Mein Khoobsurati with Safi 

Thursday, 19 October 2017


Flaunting one of the key trends this season - R U F F L E S . I love watching fashion week and seeing what style dominates the runways. This year all the major designers played excessively with sleeves and ruffles. Its bold, loud and takes your outfits to the next level. In this post I am flaunting the 'Pink Ruffle Sleeves Crepe Top' from Calae. This dark pink colour is bold and eye-catching. Its definitely  going to turn a few heads around and that's what I love the most. The detailing of this outfit is  one the key style statements. Its perfect for a formal occasion or dress up for a party look. I wanted to give my outfit a parisian vibe so I paired this top with a black frill skirt to give my look even more volume, a black bag & silver heels.

Be pretty in pink & flaunt those runway styles. 
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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Learn To Layer

I have been known for breaking rules, Anyone who tells me I can't I make sure to prove them wrong.  I have lived with obeying fashion rules all my life. But now its time to break them in the most stylish way possible. In this post, I am flaunting this beautiful 'Chelsea Layered Blouse' from Nubella. As you can see in the pictures above I sure look joyful and peppy thanks to the vibrant orange colour. I firmly believe bright colours can create a big impact on your mood. Coming back to breaking rules, People believe 'Plus size girls' can't layer? Why cause they already have enough of it on their bodies. Well, I am here to say different. There is a technique to layer clothes for your body type without look sloppy.
The first and most important rule is to Create A Silhouette, If you are wearing layers on the top like I am make sure to pair it up with something body fitting e.g, skinny jeans (Yes, plus size girls can also wear skinny jeans) Its all about balance. Wear simple accessories.  As we know, the focus has to be on the ruffles and layers since we are taking advantage of this style. Make sure your accessories have the least attention. This elegant top from Nubella showcases the layer trend beautifully. The ruffles make the look fun and flirty, while the one shoulder makes the look style forward and sexy.

Accentuate those beautiful curves, while still having fun with style. 
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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Your Body, Your Rules

I have lately been seeing such a rise in the 'active wear' section of plus size fashion. The society automatically believes that we plus size women have more disadvantages than advantages. I completely disagree with that notion. There are so many notions when it comes to 'plus size women' one of them being 'if you are plus size you are not healthy' There is definitely a large no. of women of all shapes and sizes who workout and are always on the go. In the beginning I had such a problem finding good active wear in large sizes which are cute and affordable. Amydus being the one stop plus size fashion brand that it is has launched 'Active Wear ' why should we plus size women feel left out? In this post I am flaunting 'Black Active Wear Leggings' with a 'Black Round Neck Top' The fit is great and designed for our body type keeping functionality in mind.

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Exercise to be fit not skinny' Beauty isn't measure in Kgs 
Aashna Bhagwani 

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

A new take on the LBD

A different take on the LBD is here. This season is all about layering. In this post I am flaunting a beautiful Black layer Dress from Lastinch. Its been a while since I did complete black party outfit on my blog. Its a one piece outfit but the detailing embraces the dress in a beautiful way which makes it seem like a two piece. The dress has a high-low attached top and a lace skirt which is perfect for a night look or occasion. Its fun, flirty and sexy! Party wear can be difficult to find for us plus size women. The dresses are either too short to too tight. Brands like Lastinch has defiantly understood our need and created this dress for those fun party nights'

Its a good time to purchase this outfit since its on SALE! Head over to to get your hands on it. 
Aashna Bhagwani 

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Whimsical Vibes

Happy Dussehra everyone! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend. I have been getting so many requests to do an ethnic post. So here I am with a vibrant and bright outfit with floral prints. In this post I am flaunting this Peach Floral Print Crepe Panel kurti from Amydus. I have always struggled to find a good kurti for myself since most of them make me look short and give a baggy fit. But this straight- fit soft kurti has the perfect fit and style. Its defiantly a must have for us plus size women.  I have to brag about how soft the material is, I am definitely in love with the quality of this outfit. I am pairing this kurti with Black leggings which are strechy yet give a good slim fit.

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Aashna Bhagwani