Sunday, 6 November 2016

2 ways to wear casual tee's in collaboration with - Bewakoof

Being a full-time blogger I personally have to keep myself  'fashionably elegant' and 'up-to date' with my style at all times. But once in a while you want to rock your favourite basic tee & flaunt different sides of your style. Check out my two looks in collaboration with bewakoof - to help you style your favourite casual tee's

Tank Top + Joggers
Let the inner star in you shine - wearing my new favourite 'shine 82' tank top from bewakoof,  I paired this tank top with my favourite joggers + black bag pack + white shoes & grey hoodie. My go-to choice for laid-back days.

Sports Tee + Pencil Skirt
Headed somewhere dressy but still want to wear something causal ? Take your casual look to another level by simply pairing your tee with a plain pencil skirt and throw on a good pair of heels. In my second look I am wearing the '68 Athletics' loose fit tee from bewakoof.

Bewakoof has a  a variety of range for women's T- shirts & Tank tops and also a collection of - T-shirt Dresses, crop tops, shorts, & sweatshirts 

Inspired by design and driven by creativity, Bewakoof offers a wide range of style available in vibrant colours, prints & patterns. Their new men's collection offers T-shirts, pyjamas, denim jeans, sweatpants & sweatshirts  

Rock your favourite tee and still look unique & chic. 
Get your casual wear at
Happy Shopping 
Aashna Bhagwani 


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