Sunday, 14 August 2016

Wander The Aanya Way

There is nothing better when a passion & a career come together, Blogging for me is a journey which is constantly showing me the creative & positive sides about being unique in your own fashionable, beautiful way. I was lucky enough to come across a brand that lives by - free-spirit vibes & transforms that into one outfit at a time. 

In this post, I am flaunting two beautiful maxis from AanyaThe Anita maxi kaftan dress is a beautiful thigh high-slit maxi with a v neck. I love the print on the dress , the high slit definitely made me feel so feminine. The dress has a sweet flow which is completely harmonised with the boho-feels.

The second dress is the ‘Hasina maxi dress’ its vibrant & colourful inspired by a traditional Indian ‘Ikat’ print. The dress has two side slits and a plunging back line with a rope halter. I shot this look by the pool and I love how it did complete justice to this beautiful outfit and bought out all the gorgeous colours. 

These outfits are perfect for summertime, if you are on your way to a music festival or just hanging around with your friends by the pool or like me - wear it at every occasion you feel playful. 

The modern day Boho-girl, can find everything that she needs in these outfits, shop all looks from aanyashop . & tag #Aanyagirl to express yourself  & join the community! 

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  1. hi, how can we collaborate to advertise your style as brand for plus size outfits?

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