Sunday, 12 June 2016

Make up Look - Blended Crease Eyes + Dark Lips

Before starting a step-by-step guide for this make-up look, This one needs a little bit of patience and practise. For this eye make-up I played with only two shades but it took a while to blend back & forth to get the desired results. 

Eyes- To start of with the eyes , I first used my Maybelline concealer as a base and then applied  a nude colour eyeshadow all over the eyes to set it, I then went it with the browns, I took an angular brush from faces (Its the best one to apply eyeshadow on the crease.) Dipped the brush in a brown eyeshadow and went back and forth on the crease. I smoked out the lower lash line with a dark brown shade as well. 

To complete the look I applied my maybelline hyper gloss liquid liner, Rimmel Glam eyes mascara and Glowmiere Beauty lashes 

Face - I mixed bt tow favourite foundations - Bourjois 123 perfect foundation in the shade -n53 
& MAC face & body foundation in - c3

Lips - Maybeliner - Lip Liner (hollywood)

I skipped blush for this look since I wanted the main focus to be on the eyes & lips but I did apply 2 coats of MAC highlighter (Soft & gentle)

Products used 

Coastal Scents  Neutral eyeshadow Pallette 
Maybeline hyper gloss liquid eyeliner 
Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara 
Glowmiere beauty lashes 
MAC  - Face & Body foundation (c3)
Bourjois foundation (n53)
MAC - Highlighter (Soft & Gentle)
 Maybelline - Lip liner (hollywood)

I love the end result of this look, I realised how great brown & maroon look together! If you would like to recreate this look , All products used are listed above. 

Aashna Bhagwani 


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