Saturday, 7 May 2016

An Orange Blast

Writing from Hongkong, Happy Sunday ! 

I am back here for a few weeks and the weather is great. It is bright , beautiful and windy. The flowers are blooming and its colourful and vibrant everywhere. I came up with this look inspired by the hues of this climate. Sometimes, a bold and fearless colour is the only accessory you need. I am wearing this summer-friendly and super comfortable orange and green dress from Zara, paired  with bright orange heels form catwalk , to break the colour and compliment the orange I added my new white and gold sling from Christian Lacroix.

Outfit details 
Dress- Zara 
Shoes - Catwalk 
Earrings - Rhea Jewellery 

Hope you enjoyed this post, I am super excited to be here, Stay tuned for more fashion and beauty posts 
Aashna Bhagwani 


  1. superb.... wish if you had painted toes nails with Orange as well to make it a perfect Orange :)

  2. U are a stunner... dint get the dress in india though

  3. U are a stunner... dint get the dress in india though

  4. U are a stunner... dint get the dress in india though

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