Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Contrasting Jewels

Rustic, Bold, Strong & Feminine are the words I would describe my latest post. Jewellery & Accessories are the one thing that were part of the human culture, even before clothes.
When it comes to to making a statement with your accessories, Its all about being innovative with designs. My family and I being in the jewellery business, I used to be a big accessories hoarder, I bought the high-end ones and the Colaba market ones, I had every piece of jewellery and accessory. When the time came to dress up and head out, I always left the house without accessories. Being in the Fashion/Blogging world. I came across brands and start-ups with unique designs and tasteful colours, One such brand I would love to introduce is Access-O-Risingg, From stylish, bold accessories to the simplicity and chic looking pieces they have it all, In this post I am wearing their gorgeous statement necklace, Heart statement bracelet (10k gold plated) and Gothic triangle earrings (10k gold plated)

You can shop from Access-O-Risingg online, They are an online stat-up selling exclusive fashion jewellery 
Check out their website - The variety is endless. 


  1. OMG! These earrings are awesome. You look stunning, really! When it comes to jewellery, the key factor is to stick within your comfort zone and to keep your personal fashion style. Personally, I adore and feel very comfy wearing silver. I've recently ordered stunning silver rings on and feel very self-confident with them:)

    1. well said, Jess you also seem to have a classy taste when it comes to jewels :)


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