Thursday, 25 February 2016

Dusky Pink Formal Makeup Look

Formal affairs call for an enhanced beauty routine. In this beauty look a chose to do a sultry smokey eye with pink and purple shades, a soft pink blush and glossy lips

Eyes- I used a dark purple eyeshadow on the crease and a copper shade on the lid and blended the both with a clean brush, Applied my new eyeliner from the plum cosmetics which I have absolutely been in love with, Its smooth and so easy to smoke out. The quality of the Liner is great! (

Base - I tried on a new foundation from Bourjoir Paris 123 perfect (Shade N-53) I am so surprised by how fresh and long lasting the foundation is. My makeup was on all day long and the foundation did not budge, Definitely underrated, I applied the new fit me concealer to highlight and set my base with a matte powder

Lips - I sued the essence lip liner (Shade - 12 wish me a rose) and applier two layer of transparent gloss. 
I paired up this look with a pastel jacket and a gorgeous necklace from rhea jewellery 
You can shop here -

Hope you enjoyed this look, Its great for a formal event or interview or even a casual meeting.
Aashna Bhagwani 


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