Monday, 8 February 2016

Desi Wedding Rose Pink Makeup Look

Bindis, tikkas, bangles, elegant Indian clothes and so much more, how could you not feel beautiful in this traditional look. December was such an amazing month filled with getting dolled up at a stretch for days for my best friends wedding and I couldn't help but recreate one of the looks.

I absolutely loved the way this rose pink look turned out. Shimmery eyes with smoked out lower lash liner, rosey cheeks and hot pink lips.

Eyes- I used the stila eyeshadow in the shade 'kitten' and smoked it out with a brown eyeshadow colour. Applied my favourite maybelline  Hyper sharp eyeliner, Maybelline hyper curl mascara and revlon kajal in the water line. 

Face- I mixed my Loreal infallible 24 hours stay foundation (Shade- Natural Rose) with MAC face & body foundation (Shade C3) and set it all with my Loreal matte powder.

Cheeks - I used the Mac blush in the shade dainty & mixed it with the stila eyeshadow in the shade kitten as a highlighter. 

Lips- Revlon colorburst matte balm (Shade 210) & topped it with Revlon colorstay moisture stain (Shade 015 Barcelona Nights) 

Pink is the seasons colour for lips, This soft yet glamorous look is perfect for ethnic and western wear as well, The beauty about this look is that you can go all out or keep it simple.
 Hope you enjoyed my first desi makeup look.
Aashna Bhagwani 


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