Friday, 25 December 2015

Winter Special

Happy Holidays!
This is the perfect time of the year to get dolled up' Gatherings with family and partying with friends.  Last Christmas I went all white and red in Hongkong! You can check that post here. This year I spent my holidays in Pune itself & I am so glad that I took advantage of this gorgeous weather, I did all the traditional winter spirit things, Hot chocolates, long cold drives, some baileys with cake and whiskey with my buds, hot tom yum soup and cuddles with my fur baby.

In this fashion post, I bought out my sparkly and shiny gear. My beautiful skirt is from Zara which I picked up last summer on discount and waited all year to spin around in it. I paired the skirt with my knit silver top from westside, red heels and my black clutch from accessorize.

I am so excited for new years, Most probably I will keep it low key, chilling at home in my jammies but if you are going to hit the town and partying up, this is a great example of an outfit you could wear as well.

Hope you enjoyed this post, Have yourself a very Merry Christmas, Count your blessings and be thankful, Get excited for next year and all the beautiful things your are going to accomplish. 

Location - F Beach House 


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