Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Little White Dress In Collaboration With LastInch

White clothes are no strangers to our wardrobes but its definitely a new guest in mine, my closet has only seen the pretty face of my one white dress that I own. With my rising hunger of trying and exploring variety and colour into my style I decided to give this off white dress a go and I am pleasantly surprised with myself looking like an elegant lady.

Speaking of 2015 Plus size fashion, this year is all about showing our self love as full-figured women, being confident and open to fashion and proving that full figured doesn't have to be clothed a certain way or restricted to a certain style.

There is no better way to show your shape than a solid coloured dress worn with elegance and attitude. Like I have mentioned earlier in my post. Its hard to find brands and online fashion sites that offer a variety in plus size clothing. With this being my second collaboration with LastInch. I can proudly say how far the industry is growing in terms of providing styles and trends & showing love to us curvy ladies '

This gorgeous dress from LastInch is perfect for a day as well as night look it can be worn to a brunch or a fancy dinner. I love the thickness and the material of the dress. The square box neck of the dress gives it that extra edge which makes it so stylish.

Outfit details 
Dress- LastInch 
Shoes- H&M 
Necklace - Westside

Instead of saying 
"I couldn't possibly pull that off." "I don't have the legs for that!" "That was designed with a woman half my size in mind!" get out there & explore and I definitely recommend last inch to be your first stop . 

Aashna Bhagwani 


  1. your thighs are so sexy. your bodyshape is a masterpiece of creation. we guys love and support thick girls and we will.

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