Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Crop & Sway

Heads up, Plus-size ladies! If you think you can't wear a crop top you are definitely mistaken. A crop top is a stylish addition to any plus-size gal's summer wardrobe. The key is to pair it up with the right pair and style of skirt. I have always been a big fan of crop tops paired with a maxi skirt since the beginning of my blogging days. You can see my older post here

Maxi skirts are not only the most comfortable but also quite flattering. I am wearing a beautiful 'Slip away white skirt' from www.stalkbuylove.com. The bold slit in the front of the skirt gives it a chic flirty touch. I am always experimenting with clothes which flatter the right kind of assets when it comes to plus-size fashion. 


There are so many ways to transition different styles and make them your own. 
Aashna Bhagwani 


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