Thursday, 9 July 2015

Weekend Stroll

Summer is still in full swing with no traces of monsoon. While everyone around me is carrying off shorts and tanks, its completely normal to feel out of place. I believe plus size woman can absolutely wear anything but for me there is a love hate relationship with 'shorts' its been a personal struggle to overcome this very trend.

The first time I publicly wore shorts was 2 years back in Goa. It dint make me feel awkward or insecure back then because everyone around dressed up unique and that's the place which makes you feel quite liberated. But its different when I tried to wear it in the city. The thought of being judged over shorts sounds ridiculous but it was terrifying. Last week a follower asked me ''How to pull off shorts this season with a heavier lower body''.I then immediately opened my wardrobe, removed my trusted  pair of black shorts (Yes the same Goa ones) and decided to find out the answer to  - how you can actually pull off shorts this season. If I am going to be a leader I better be a badass one & the results are pretty damn good.

While I still gravitate towards skirts and maxis, I am slowly incorporating more pair's of shorts in my wardrobe.

What I Wore- 
Black cotton shorts - M&S
Black floral off shoulder top - Forever 21 
Necklace - Claire's
Shoes- Aldo 

Above all, No mater what bothers you most about your body, Self confidence & overcoming personal struggles are the number one rule of fashion. 

So this Summer go all out & free those legs! 
Aashna Bhagwani