Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Shades Of Berries - In Collaboration with LastInch

I wouldn't consider myself a super feminine and a polished dresser. I usually try to fit in casual elements into my outfits, But with this one I decided to go all ladylike. I absolutely love it when plus size shopping stores make in-trend dresses with the perfect fitting and this dress is everything! A crochet top attached with a maroon dress.

The more I step into the world of plus size fashion, the more I came to discover - the small variety range of each store. There might me quite a few plus size brands out there but not enough that keep apparels which are in simple words - stylish , so whenever there is a store which I adore I make sure I give a big shoutout to them! And this dress is from  Its an only plus-size online fashion store.

Most of us face certain problems when it comes to clothes and has updated styles irrespective of any size

The dress itself is so stunning I knew I didn't have to work much on styling, I wore a statement necklace and my favourite nude heels.

Head over to & shop guilt free because everything you like is going to fit you perfectly 
Style is not a size it is an attitude 
Aashna Bhagwani


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