Saturday, 20 June 2015

Collaboration : 'Whats In My Lavie Bag'

This is exciting! My first 'Whats in my bag' tag. Welcoming the newest edition to my hand bag family is this very classy three tone Lavie sling bag from their newest SS15 collection. I love the size of this bag. Its small enough for me to carry around but has enough pockets for everything I need, even things which I barely notice I own. It has three pockets on the inside and a fourth one behind. You can tell I like to keep everything organised (only because it takes me hours to find my keys, They have a tendency to hide when I look away) 

Whats In my Lavie Bag? 

Notepad (Because I have a short term memory and I need to immediately right down my new ideas and hope it becomes the next big thing)
Ray-Bans (Stay-Shady)
Emergency Sewing kit (Lets just say things have happened in the past)
Baby Wipes (Best Make-up Remover)
Hand Sanitizer (I distribute it to people around me more than I use it myself)
Keys (The naughty one)
Wallet (I wish it was more fancy on the inside then it looks on the outside)
Makeup Pouch 
Blotting Sheets (Oily T-zone Issues) 
Red Lip-cream (Best to transform from a day to night look)
EOS Lip Balm 
Stay Matte Translucent Powder  

You can learn so much about a women by going through her bag. What does your bag say about you?
I am curios to hear 
Aashna Bhagwani