Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A Big Garnier Review!

This has to be the most awaited post. I have been testing all these products for the last one month and I am finally developing the right feels for them. The Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo has been already tested and reviewed by me. Relating to the same product range is the new Garnier fructis - oil in cream' A hair oil in a cream form - Something very different to the Indian market of the usual hair oil products. I particularly stay miles away from hair oils,  first - its greasy, second - One hair wash is not enough to remove all the oil in the hair and third of all 'Aint no-body got time for that' 
But this! This product is such a game changer. The cream texture melts into your hair and it instantly smooths the roughness and dryness. Since this product works as an oil substitute,  you leave it on and then wash it off. I already own the garnier shampoo and conditioner and this range works wonders to my hair. A big thumbs up from me. 

Gone are those times when one beauty soap was enough to wash your face. We have specific products for every skin condition now. Two face washes from garnier have impressed me completely. 
First is the- 
Garnier Pure Active Apricot exfoliating face scrub - The whole range is designed to clear impurities and it definitely does what it says. The scrub works amazing on my skin. I tend to exfoliate my face at least 4 times a week. The texture, feel and fragrance are extremely soothing. Since its made out of real apricot extract this face wash smells amazing. I can see a visible improvement on my dry & patchy areas, the thin orange granules helps in exfoliating the skin & the thick creamy texture leaves the skin very smooth and hydrated. 

The second face wash which my skin says a big thank you to is the - 
Garnier Pure Active high foaming face wash- 
I have had some serious skin issues this month. This very hot and humid weather contributed to spotty and ugly heat boils. When my skin does these harsh things to me I usually leave it and not bother with it at all, till it cools down and makes peace with me. But this time I decided to fight back. I started using this face wash with Neem and Tulsi ingredients and it definitely worked. I used this product continuously for two weeks not magically expecting my pimples and boils to vanish but eventually after a matter of 4 days I could see them reduce. And now its all clear! The face wash itself is very cooling to the skin which is definitely a big YAY! considering the weather we are still stuck in & it will be available in the market very soon.

There is no doubt that Garnier is one of the most affordable skincare brands out there with good quality products. I absolutely love reviewing their products which helps me learn what works for my skin best. 

Let me know your experience if you have tried any of these products 
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