Saturday, 22 November 2014

Review: The Balm Nude'Tude Palette

NUDE ALERT (Break the internet)

Rave mode: On.
Hands down this palette has my heart. My beauty soul was craving for it.  My blessed best friend gifted me on my 23rd birthday (talk about your friends knowing you well.)

This palette had caught my eye in the begining because of its packaging - Sexy nude girls covered with eyeshadows colours.
The palette is very slim & has a vintage image. The mirror is large which is good quality & it comes with a two sided brush which is pretty okay.

The shadows in this palette mean serious business. It's a mix of warm & cool tones. Each colour is outstanding and his its own personality (you know you are a beauty blogger when you talk about products like people)

Sassy. This shadow screams highlight. The colour is milky vanilla which is extremely pigmented. It also has a slight sliver tint which is perfect for eyebrow highlight.

Snobby. Gold glitter with a yellowish tint.

Stubborn & Stand-offish. Stubborn is a powder pink colour with a very little shine to it. It's quite soft and light on the eyes whereas Standoffish has to be my favorite colour in this palette as I have used it the most. It's a perfect rose gold colour.

Selfish & Sultry. Selfish is a champagne color with a brown tint to it & Sultry is a matte brown colour perfect for the eye crease which is also a good transition colour.

Sophisticated, Seductive & Silly. These three colours are siblings. They look very similar in the palette but have different colored tints to them. Sophisticated is a champagne colour with a dark brown tint & slight glitter. Seductive is a lighter shade with a silky gold tint. Silly has a dark brown/ maroon tint with slight glitter as well.

Sexy, serious & sleek (try saying these 3 names together five times) - This palette has impressed me with their matte shadows. I absolutely love them. They are quite pigmented & the colour pay off is well. Its quite stable throughout the day & it screams smokey eye. Sexy is a mixture of dark brown, purple & maroon. Sleek is the darkest brown in this palette and Serious is what its name implies  blackest of the black.

The balm has impressed me. You can order this on 
I would definitely purchase the next one, Although I doubt it's going to be anytime soon cause this palette will last long. Alittle goes a long way.

Make up is art, Beauty is passion 
Aashna Bhagwani


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