Sunday, 16 November 2014

Lipstick Crush

Happy Sunday Beauties!

Today we are going to talk about that one beauty staple which makes us feel confident, attractive & sexy “LIPSTICKS”.  It’s a pretty serious topic. There have been historical debates in the past centuries over lipsticks. #FactOfTheDay- Cleopatra made her lipsticks from crushed carmine beetles, which gave a deep red pigment, and ants for a base.

Now that we know the importance of lipsticks, Lets go in detail with the ones u should definitely own. 

MAC REBEL.  One thing you should know about Rebel ITS NEVER IN STOCK. I had to tell my friend to pick it up when she was in Bombay because for months it wasn’t available in the Pune stores of MAC. If this lipstick is not in your beauty bag go to your nearest mac store and get this . I guarantee you its worth the price. I have not come across a good dupe of this lipstick yet. I need to rave about the quality of rebel, it’s a satin finish which is extremely moisturising & it definitely lasts. If you are afraid of dark bold lips rebel is not as dark as it looks, it's actually more of a deep fuchsia than purple but you can definitely add up layers for a more vampy look.

COLORBAR CITRINE. My search for an orange lipstick with a red undertone is finally over & accomplished.  This lipstick has a perfect amount of orange and red undertones, its not too orange & its no too red. Its definitely creamy at first when you apply but it can go matte throughout the day. The best solution for that is to apply it over a lip balm. The colour pay off is really nice, it even stays for a long long time & plus its really affordable,  you get what you pay for.

Rimmel Rossetto/ Rouge ( Kate moss collection). London girl Kate moss & her collaboration with Rimmel.  I knew this was going to be interesting. Kates fashion combined with rimmel technology- the outcome is fabulous! My favourite lipstick from the collection is the rimmel rossetto/ rouge . It’s a perfect fuchsia colour with a slight baby pink undertone. Its super creamy & easily available. It glides on perfectly. You can defiantly make it darker with 2 applications

MAC PREPARE FOR PLEASURE.  I have to say this lipstick was a complete impulsive buy & I do not regret. I was walking by the store & they just got the divine night collection. The visuals were extremely tempting & I had to walk in there. This lipstick was standing right in front of me,  one thing came on my mind & that was . IT’S THE PERFECT RED.  I swatched it once on my arm and that’s it. You know when its love. I am a sucker for MAC'S cremesheen finish. It’s a nice red with a cold blue underdone. The one thing surprised me was the pigmentation of this lipstick. It is very very pigmented I have not come across any cremesheen lipstick which is as pigmented as this one so yes DOUBLE BONUS! The excitement of this lipstick was even added by the packaging- Its Gold & Black. A red lipstick with a gold and black packing cant get any better. This lipstick is from a limited collection and of course its more expensive that the normal lipsticks at MAC & since this lipstick is quite pigmented it last all day. 

          The power of a red lipstick is undeniable
             Aashna Bhagwani


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