Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Playful Patterns

Every once in a while I come across a dress that steals my heart. This dress is one of those. Its that time of the year where every street I pass I see beautiful flowers bloom & I love how I can incorporate florals in my outfit as well. This stunning day-to-night dress is from my new favourite brand - Afamado. They recently introduced 'Curvy Fashion' & I couldn't be happier.

For a long time we have lived in a world where plus size women are looked down upon. But our society is changing. They are more plus size women in the media to look upto. Building confidence in  women brings about a positive change in our society and brands like Afamado have realised the need for trendy clothing for us curvy women. Style has no size. Curvy women are allowed to feel sexy and look sexy.

On all my social media channels you will always here me brag about - Fit and Flares dresses. They are definitely my personal favourite. This off-shoulder fit and flare dress gives that perfect silhouette. And the color block pattern adds more contrast to the entire look. This playful piece is perfect for brunches and events. I paired this outfit with beige heels and bag to give that sophisticated look.

Love the skin you are in 
To shop this look head over to - www.afamado.net 

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Classic Glamour

This might just be the ultimate modern girl' retro look. High waisted blue pants with a stripe off shoulder tee and for the pop of colour some red heels. To complete this look together I had to make my ultimate ' Bouffant' hairstyle and it took me back to era where I dint exist but the fashion did.

I can't emphasize enough how every curvy girl out there has to try high-waisted pants. They don't give you a muffin top and makes you look taller. No wonder high-waisted everything came back in trend. The best thing about these pants are you can pair it up with almost everything as long as your top is tucked in. I am a big believer that plus size girl can wear stripes if styled right. They make you look super cute no matter what size.

This top and pant set is from - www.Amydus.com / Amydus is one such destination where you can find your perfect size. 

Outfit Details 
Sunglasses - Forever21
Shoes- H&M 

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Breaking Myths

I love breaking myths. I have seen and spoken to so many plus size women who are comfortable wearing very few colours. In today's post I am going to show you how to update you looks and add colour to your bottoms. 

Summer is upon us and your clothes need to get brighter. When it comes to colours sky is the limit. There are so many available options to try out even in plus size clothing - Amydus has just launched their new summer collection and its full of different choices 

White & Burgundy - This colour scheme is fun and at the same time bold. Cold shoulder tops are super trendy at the moment and you can't go wrong with it since its so easy to pair. I paired this white and black chain detail cold shoulder top with burgundy pants. 

Get out there and step up your colour game, Visit - www.Amydus.com
Aashna Bhagwani 

Monday, 8 May 2017

A Story To Tell


I begin with an idea and that becomes something else' This is one of favourite quotes from - Pablo Picasso

The best use of imagination is creativity and creativity takes courage. I am all about doing something out of the box but at the same time applying my actions to use my creativity that defines me. For a while I was looking for something fresh and inspiring and like they say throw your wishes into the universe and the universe will answer your call. And that's what exactly happened.

Few weeks back I got an amazing opportunity to collaborate with Agashe pret store based in Delhi. I knew all about it and jumped on a plane and landed in the capital of my country. Three beautiful things took place.

- I was fascinated by city, Mesmerised by the outfits & Inspired by Sheena,
(The founder of Agashe Pret store)  We spoke on so many levels about Agashe, Inspiring people, Body-Positivity and our journey so far. She explained me the beautiful collection at the store with so much passion and intelligence. She is devoted to inspiring people to be their best version and I completely second that. Irrespective of your size or body-type if your looking for the best of outfits there is something for everyone at Agashe.

Agashe is multi designer store in Delhi which has ready to wear collection utilising sexy silhouettes in a contemporary approach. The collection is designed for women who appreciate finally cut garments  that are both luxurious and unique. Sheena has carefully handpicked designers for their individual uniqueness helping to create looks with a stylish approach.

I felt like a Diva in Delhi. These outfits not only made me look glorified and stylish on the outside but made me feel empowered and beautiful in the inside.

                Clothes aren't going to change the world, the women who wear them will. 
Each of AGASHE'S garment have a story to tell, waiting to be told by YOU

Aasha Bhagwani 


845,Ground Floor
Besides Lodhi Sports, Ghitorni, MG Road
New Delhi 110030 
Email- reachus@agashe.co.in

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Unleash Confidence

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my job. Providing confidence to young & powerful woman is absolutely the best feeling in the world & working with brands that spread the same message is a win-win! Finding whats right for your body type can be a struggle & most of us don't know where to begin. Thats when I come in the picture flaunting the best of clothes from brands that speak the body-positivity language.

In this post I am introducing Nexus from Lifestyle. A plus size clothing line that is a stylish combination of trendy & body-flattering styles that helps unleash confidence, feminity & gives every plus size woman a strong sense of being seen as a fashion evolved entity

Woman who shop for plus size clothing always have the odds against them. The collection is either too boring/last season or baggy but at Lifestyle Nexus Plus Side you can find the most trendiest collection of current seasons. The plus side directly refers to the better side.

In this post I am flaunting a pink off shoulder top paired with a stonewashed cropped denim which gives the perfect spring/summer feels & A black and white floral fit and flare dress. Giving the perfect silhouette to my curves.

"I am more than just my size, I want fashionable apparel in my size that flatters."
You can find this collection at the lifestyle stores head over the nexus section & get your hands on the latest, in-style plus size wardrobe. 

Aashna Bhagwani 

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Spring'ing it

The wait is over! There is a new plus size brand in the game & its everything you are looking for. I personally get super excited when brands start curvy & plus size labels. We are seeing a great acceptance of plus size girls and that's why many brands are embracing plus size / curvy wear & I couldn't be happier

So here's introducing Afamado - 'Afamado curvy was created during a shopping trip with family and friends. During the trip one of their friends who was a size 14 couldn't find what she needed. After seeing the disparity, the idea for Afamado Curvy boutique was formed.

I personally relate to the story so much, Been there & experienced that. A major part of Afamado is that they believe in the truth of sizing so you pick the right thing for your body type. They custom tailor each piece to fit you perfectly. Like this beautiful outfit above felt like its made for me!

I am flaunting the fit and flare spring blooms dress - Kidding not, while shooting for this outfit I knew I am going to develop a long 'online shopping' relationship with this brand. The fit , the material and the colour scheme of the outfit was on point! The dress in itself screams 'spring'.I couldn't stop moving and dancing around in it. It has cute butterfly sleeves which add so much charm to the entire outfit.

Afamado believes that every woman should own her truth & feel beautiful & graceful in what she wears. And we curvy divas couldn't be happier!

Head over to www.afamado.net 
You can use the coupon code 'Aashna10' to avail 10% off
Happy Shopping!

Outfit Details 
Dress - Afamado
Shoes - Westside